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Our SERILABEL technique allows you to get rid of traditional labels which usually contain product care information, your brand, etc ... on all your textile articles.

No more scratchy labels! 


The Serilabel technique is suitable for very small texts.


  • In roll
  • individual pieces


  • To facilitate the placement of transfers which are cut individually, the pattern is printed on the back of the paper. So you can not put the label upside down.
  • For roller transfers, application and removal are carried out in a few seconds!

For the labeling of textile labels, a specific technique has been developed, Serilabel.

  • It enables a print to have very small details, which fixes the problem of the tiny text and logo size found on labels of clothes. This is done without a subsequent border of glue (transparent edge that is often found around the lettering).
  • Elastic and opaque, Serilabel transfer is also very resistant to friction, machine washing (60 ° C), as well as ironing and drying.
  • To facilitate the laying of labels cut individually, the pattern is printed on the back of the paper, so it is impossible to put the label upside down.

Transfers are delivered individually or in rolls.

This technique takes only 3 to 5 seconds and the paper is immediately removed hot, allowing a very high productivity.

Find our Speed90 presses which are specially designed for laying labels in rolls

The Serilabel transfer meets the following international environmental standards:

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