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For ROLL-TO-ROLL HEAT TRANSFERS Seripress has developed its own roll-to-roll heat press: the Speed90.
It is the best tool for large volume productions.
Different lower-plate formats to adapt to specific productions (e.g. for socks or insoles): the Speed90S.



Designed and manufactured by SERIPRESS, our roll-to-roll heat press is the result of experience gained directly on the production sites of our customers.

This press is particularly useful for all manufacturers who wish to automate and secure the screen printing marking. For labels or logos on the inside or outside of the t-shirts, underwear, sportswear, footwear, orthopedics ...


Speed90 :Roll-to-roll heat press with standard lower-plate



Speed90S :Roll-to-roll heat press with lower-plate adapts for socks e.g.