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Speed 90

Speed 90 is a press for the automatic placement of silkscreen transfers from rolls.
Seripress offers you an all-in-one solution, adapted to high production rates and rigorous industrial constraints.




Designed and manufactured by SERIPRESS, Speed90 is the result of experience gained directly on the production sites of our customers.


  • High production rate, up to 400 transfers per hour, or even more. Compared to a conventional press, the cycle time is much faster (2 to 3 seconds).
  • Most thermosensitive materials thus become printable by transfer (spandex, polypropylene, leather, bamboo, modal ...)
  • Changing a roll is super simple and fast: about 45 seconds, without tools.
  • For each logo, Seripress supplies a customized machined heating plate (150 €). The heat is therefore applied only on the logo (about 2mm all around). This process makes it possible to precisely target the zone to be marked while preserving the rest of the fabric from the possible effects of heat, which is not the case with a conventional press.
  • The alignment of the heating element with the logo is very easy thanks to the adjustment wheels which require no tools to adjust.
  • Thanks to the large sliding tray as well as the laser position indicator, the operator always knows precisely where the transfer will be printed.

This press is particularly useful for all manufacturers who wish to automate the process of screen-printed transfer printing. The press is very well tailored to printing labels or logos on the inside or outside the t-shirts, underwear, sportswear, footwear, orthopedics ...

Seripress provides the best prices for transfers in rolls: labels, stretch logos, or standardized reflective logos.

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